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First it is perfectly straight and very light. Both times it had been sent to the dealer where the electronic speed controls were replaced at considerable cost. $89.00. Anything to do with construction tools, hardware, equipment, or accessories is welcome. Thank you! All material collected by the Festool ends up in the bag. For you Festool ATF 55E owners A Festool ATF 55E manual - the way it should be! As previously noted, it is virtually impossible to attach a dust collection hose to our DeWALT 364. Festool Carbon Brush Pair 240V FES488915 ... 55 - Festool Bolt 489798--55-FES440554 . Search search. shopping_cart Shopping Cart Cart. Although Festool strives for accuracy in the website material, the website may contain inaccuracies. I know of no other circular saw that provides this feature. The adjustment screws also serve as "stops", ensuring that the blade will return to 0/90° after setting the blade for a bevel cut, without rechecking or recalibrating the blade to the base. CLICK FOR A NOTIFICATION WHEN BACK IN STOCK. With the covered panel-cutting table and the splinter guard of the guide rail, I get no splintering on the bottom side and the splinter guard side of the topside of the work piece. Festool ATF 55 E Circular Saw. Festool ATF 55E Instruction manual (21 pages) Pages: 21 | Size: 0.8 Mb. The non-slip strips applied to the bottom of the guides continue to amaze me. If you use our Rotex dual mode sander in the aggressive mode with coarse grit sandpaper without dust extraction, the sandpaper will clog up very quickly [similar to a drum sander without dust extraction]. Many Festool power tools have already been in use for 30 years – or longer. Part number 439972 Pin 10,2X45 Atf 55 E. 439972 is a genuine Festool part. Hvidevare reservedele; Reservedele til El-værktøj; Køkkenmaskiner / Små-el; Sikkerhed ved betaling. TS 55 EQ. COVID-19 UPDATE: W e are still running at full capacity and fully operational, however there may be some slight delays with deliveries from our suppliers. We would love to hear from you! Universal-Sägeblatt 160x2,5x20 W28. If you use dust extraction with our sanders, routers, and circular saws, there is (almost) nothing to clean up afterwards. The speed control allows you to adjust the speed (6 speeds) of the saw for the material you're cutting. Consequently, you will realize a real cost savings in material (sandpaper) and the time it takes to change it. They provide an accessory outlet for a power tool so that the extractor automatically runs when the power tool is started. Sehr gut geeignet für teure Werkstoffe wie Edelhölzer und Furniere. Condition is Used. It is ready for work. They must be clamped to the work surface and the operator must apply lateral pressure to keep the base of the saw up against the guide rail fence, otherwise the saw will wander off of the cut line. I find double-checking the blade for square or setting the blade depth to an exact setting using a rule was awkward, since the blade does not lock in the extended position. Add to Cart. Feinzahn-Sägeblatt 160x2,2x20 W48. Subscribe. The extrusion includes a channel that allows you to clamp the guide to a workpiece without the clamp obstructing the path of the saw or blade. I would like to see their rip-guide included with the saw. Whereas I bought mine, unused (but second hand) from the dealer at the end of 2005 for $200. I seem to remember reading something about the riving knife, the splinter guards and the dust collection port. The two aluminum guide rails were also packaged well. However, anyone with an open mind realizes the dangers of breathing fine dust particles. The dust collection capability of the ATF 55E, when mated to the Festool CT22E (or our Fein Turbo II), is excellent. And a lot less dust ends up on the floor, saving us time. From a performance point of view, it's the Festool guide rails that really set this saw apart from our DeWALT and Porter Cable saws. Festool ATF 55 E Pdf User Manuals. The plunge action is very smooth and the saw's sole plate provides a stable base from which to plunge. 2.3300 439972 + Add to Cart. 497657, Festool Guide Rail Accessory Kit . Since we use our DeWALT 364 circular saw with shop-made cutting guides and table as a "panel saw", I enthusiastically accepted the offer to work with the Festool circular saw, its guide rail and a Festool dust extractor. I had the ATF55 and upgraded to the TS55 over a year ago. Millimeters-Metric System. They work fine. The Festool CT22E provides all of the features of our Fein units including: However, the Festool CT22E provides the following additional features: The only negative I have experienced with the Festool CT22E in comparison with the Fein (and other shop vacs), is it appears that you must use a filter bag to protect (extend the life of) the filters. This does not indicate that the engraved lines are inaccurate, but due to the length of the guide and the small radius of the angle guide, an imperceptible error in aligning the angle lines results in a perceptible error near the end of the guide. Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items If you have any pricing inquiries, questions, comments or concerns please contact us. Using a dust extractor saves time cleaning up after a job is finished. A few years ago we invested in two Fein dust extractors. However, our 96" guide rail is awkward and heavy. The saw, guides, accessories, dust collector are all integrated, fitting together like a well-planned system. Please note that the future price may vary. Auch Unterstützung und erhalten Sie das Handbuch per E-Mail. Page 22: Sawing Cut-outs (plunge Cuts) (kickback stop). I have used the guide on melamine without the guide rail clamps and the guide did not slip. When used with the ATF 55E circular saw and our covered cutting table, the CT22E extracts virtually all of the dust. Festool. Shipping: We will combine shipping on all items. Not so with the ATF 55E. The name Festool is unfamiliar to most U.S. woodworkers, but the company is well-known in Europe where it has been in the power-tool business for about 70 years. Buy Festool Jig Saws and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Since I cut into but not through the hardboard, the Festool dust extractor collects about 90% or more of the sawdust produced on each cut. The order numbers of the accessories and tools can Switch on saw. The depth stop adjustment scale is in millimeters and I don't use the metric system. ATF 55 E. 2 GENERAL SAFETY RULES WARNING! If you have any pricing inquiries, questions, comments or concerns please contact us. Festool - Plunge Cut Circular Saw ATF 55 Festool has discontinued this version of its plunge-cut circular saw and guide, and replacing it with model No. When asked about the differences between the old and the new, he termed them as "largely cosmetic". By Gary Katz Oct 01, 1998. The blade is easily removed using the provided hex wrench, stored onboard. The circular saw and the guide rail accessories were boxed and bubble-wrapped but not double-boxed. In response to John's remarks, Christian Oltzscher of FESTOOL USA writes... Was this article helpful? Festool TS55 Kreissägeblätter 160 20. Is there anyone on line who can advise me. The dust extractor was double-boxed and bubble-wrapped for maximum protection. I have the opportunity to buy an ATF 55 and can't find the differences between it and the newer TS 55 EQ. Part 2 provides a more indepth look at the saw and its unique features, including a few videos. Quote from: extiger on November 17, 2008, 01:00 AM, Quote from: Gary Nichols on November 17, 2008, 12:20 PM, Toronto, Ontario and Lake Pivabiska, Ontario. Part 1 includes my usual, like and no like lists. In fact, it's performance is really RARE (Repeatable, Accurate, Reliable, Ergonomic) (okay, I'm getting sappy). close. Rating: 96%. Thank you! I have read a few reviews of their tools and they always get high marks with one caveat: price. Also, seems like I just read somewhere that if you pay the difference, you can buy a TS with the rail length/style of your choice. addAdd to Cart Sale. Festool makes no representations about the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of the material on this website or about the results to be obtained from using the website. At best, dust is a nuisance in the shop and job site that must be discarded. It now has the same problem. Saw Festool ATF 55 Instruction Manual (6 pages). Over the years is has done duty for the odd jobs and projects around the house. If you have any pricing inquiries, questions, comments or concerns please contact us. I have decided to add comments from owners, readers, and .... regarding the tools I review. When finish sanding with fine grit sandpaper, with some materials, the dust emitted from sanding is actually coarser than the sandpaper itself. Do you have any questions, E-Mail Us! (This is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides. Festo Festool Führungsschiene zu Stichsäge Oberfräse Handkreissäge. SKU: FES-576675. This Festool Circular saw does work but the power cable for the saw will need to be replaced before use (see pictures). This is the 3rd time the saw has developed a problem whereby it starts intermittently. If you use the same sander and sandpaper with our dust extractor, the sandpaper stays clean resulting in much longer sandpaper life. Then, when you make your cut, you simply engage the plunge action and push down on the saw until the blade carriage hits the stop. The content contained on this site is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute professional advice. Consequently, a lot less dust ends up in our lungs, saving our health. ), The no-snag deflector is a simple piece of black plastic that does a good job of preventing the extractor hose and saw's AC cord from snagging the end of the guide. Luckily the depths I use are easy to remember (i.e., 25 mm for cutting ¾" panels with the guide rail). Failure to follow all instructions listed below, may result in electric shock, fire and/or serious personal injury. They're relatively quiet, easy to wheel around, the hose locks into the inlet, and generally do what a dust extractor should do, suck dust! The plunge action offers several key advantages over conventional saws as I describe in Part 2 of this review. search Search. Share your experiences with new tools and equipment. Some dust escapes towards the front at the end of the cut (as the blade exits the workpiece), but that's it. Anyone using the Festool can only hear the Fein. Technische Daten. Return to Index Read Responses. As long as your waste is to the right of the guide, and you place the guide on the cut mark, your workpiece will be splinter free and will cut as accurately as you marked it. I believe that scaring craftsmen with lung cancer to push them to buy a dust extractor is the wrong thing to do. It is best suited for woodworking activities that require a precise and easy to handle saw. I have made and use a number of guides with our circular saws. Play Guide Rail Video Part 1 (1.3 MB), Play Guide Rail Video Part 2 (500 KB) Festool Cheese Head Screw FES203780 - Part Shop Direct. This is a great feature for cabinet makers and finish carpenters working at job sites. The base was not square with the blade as supplied, but I quickly adjusted it by tweaking the two base adjustment screws. Play Guide Rail Video Part 1 (300 KB) An angled slot is cast into its blade housing that shoots the dust directly onto the operator (if standing to the right of the saw). Plus, the two systainer cases I received (one for the saw and another for the guide rail accessories) came with pictorial inserts showing the intended use of the tools. The saw may appear like a typical circular saw to the casual observer, but once you handle it and begin to use it you'll find it is quite a different animal. Add to Cart . Consequently, I thought you might be interested in how the tools are packaged for shipment. I highly recommend the saw for cabinet making, finish carpentry, or other fine woodworking. 26 487566: Festool Gear housing 487566 (OBSOLETE, NO LONGER AVAILABLE) $154.60. Festool offers a large reusable bag, but it is quite expensive. The angle marks on the guide are accurate, however I am finding it best to align the angle guide and guide to a square or a reference board. Free shipping to USA! I found the engraved angle lines are accurate, but in use, if I did not set the angle guide (once attached to the guide rail) to a reference board or square, the finished cut was not exactly at the desired angle. Learn about tips, techniques, jigs, and gadgets. Because the saw is so unique, I wrote this review in two parts. On the negative side, they are prone to tip over (though better balanced than most shop-vacs) and provide no onboard storage for the cord or hose-- consequently, depending on who last used it, the cord and hose are generally under foot. 496939, Festool 55 in Guide Rail for Hole Drilling Set . Partshop Message. I have not seen a splitter fitted to a circular saw before. They work great. Wertstraße 20, 73240 Wendlingen Telefon +49 (0)7024 804 0 Kontaktdaten Deutschland Wertstraße 20, 73240 Wendlingen Telefon +49 (0)7024 804 24010 E-Mail customerservice-de@festool… I'd like to sell mine and move up, but can anyone tell me how much to ask for my ATF 55? Regardless from whom you purchase your Festool tools, most if not all your Festool purchases will be delivered direct to your door from one of two Festool warehouses. The Festool catalog advertises the phrase LIKE NOTHING ELSE on its cover. In the past I have had to stop in the middle of long rip cuts to insert a shim in the kerf to keep it from closing. (This is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides. This Festool Circular saw does work but the power cable for the saw will need to be replaced before use (see pictures). Our PC743 has a fairly effective dust collection tube that rotates to any direction, and you can connect it to a dust extractor using a reducer. ), The extrusion includes a rib that mates with the shoe/base plate of the ATF 55E saw (and other Festool products). MwSt 92,57 ... Mit der Festool Order App. We would love to hear from you! Modtag nyheder, tilbud og gode råd gennem vores nyhedsbrev. Shipping: We will combine shipping on all items. I got about $250 -265 on E-bay when I sold mine. The Festool ATF 55E comes with a rubber dust extraction fitting that directs the dust directly behind the saw. Made of stable material, extruded aluminum. Hopefully, in a week or so we can post pics and possibly more videos of the kitchen remodel (24 feet of cabinets) we're performing, using the Festool tools. Main Menu. Consequently, these tools arrived in perfect condition. It's lighter and better balanced than either saw. Bayerwald HM Dünnschnitt Kreissägeblätter Serie 11.57 - Wenig Schnittverlust durch geringe Schnittbreite. Is there anyone on line who can advise me. I found it a bit awkward at first, but after using the saw for 15-20 minutes, it became second nature. Kreissägeblätter passend für Festo / Festool TS55 Festool TS55. Many Festool power tools have already been in use for 30 years – or longer. The systainer case included with the ATF 55E is part of a "case" system. Perhaps the saw's most unique feature is its plunge action. One package contained the dust extractor. The ATF 55E comes with a 55" long extruded aluminum guide rail. The smaller guide rail was shipped in a box and protected on the inside by 1/4" luan panels. You must adjust the angle guide for square. I have to admit it  --- I'M A TOOL LURKER ON EBAY. Not very scientific, but...). I have used the saw to rip and crosscut hardwood veneer plywood and melamine with virtually no tearout or chipping on the supported edges of the cut. They can simply wheel their tools, accessories, and parts into the work location and setup shop in a matter of minutes. About the only disappointment I've had with any Festool is that I hadn't waited for the TS 55 once I saw one with all the worthwhile improvements mentioned in this thread. As long as you do not apply lateral pressure, but do apply downward pressure during a cut, the guides stay in place, even on slick melamine. (This integration is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides.). As I recall, the differences that stood out in my mind are: My ATF55 was sold to me by a dealer at the exact time the new TS55 replaced my model. I am not one that likes to upgrade to the latest thing as soon as something new comes out, however the old saw had some things about it that really annoyed me that the new model addressed. I know all of this, but over the years I have not been a great practioneer in dust collection. Our DeWALT 364 provides no means for dust collection. However, I recommend that anyone who wants a state-of-the-art circular saw and panel cutting system should take a look at the ATF 55E. Spanwinkel 15 °. Jetzt entdecken. This guide allows you to set the guide for performing crosscuts at virtually any angle. Let's take a closer look at the Festool systainer system...... Until recently, I did not get too excited about dust extractors and dust collection in general. It weighs about the same, perhaps a little less than our PC 743, and is several pounds lighter than our DeWALT 364. This is a boon for anyone cutting counter tops or other surfaces where it might be inconvenient or impossible to "clamp" the guide/straight edge. E-Mail Us! This was helpful, especially in the case of the plastic no-snag deflector-I had no idea what it was used for until I read the systainer card! Festool FES-491498 55" Guide Rail FS 1400. On its own, the base provides a very stable platform, but combined with the guide rail it is absolutely rock solid stable. I got around this, by using a spring clamp to hold it in place, but it seems like Festool can provide some sort of locking mechanism. Since we use our DeWALT 364 in place of a panel saw, we outfitted it with a Forrest WWII blade. Om Brøndum Elektro; Forretningsbetingelser; Kontakt os; Kvik Ordre; Links. (Note that this is not uncommon among aftermarket cutting guides. When combined with a dust extractor, it is more effective at collecting the dust than the PC743, probably because more of the blade is covered. However, we don't use it as a selling point. I don't mind doing that for angles other than 0/90°, but would like some sort of index pin or stop for 0/90°. It is simple and very accurate. (This is uncommon among the aftermarket cutting guides. Sale price R 19 00 R 19.00 Regular price R 37 00 R 37.00 Save R 18 TEMP SOLD OUT. Since the debris and dust is captured in the dust extractor, your cleanup time is cut drastically. GET THE MAGAZINE & MORE. It only takes a few minutes with the ATF 55E and its accessories to agree. Click here to view Festool New Products! Quick view. I also sold my ATF 55 to switch to a TS55. Hjælp. Its engineers addressed the problems associated with most shop-made and aftermarket guide rails. If you're at a customer's site or home, you do the job, straighten up, and leave! Quick view. Questions or need help ordering? Zubehör. I doubt very seriously that the majority of woodworkers store their portable tools in their included cases. Thanks again! Go! All of the controls are easy to find and use. Shop with confidence. Festool ATF 55 E Circular Saw. View online or download Festool ATF 55 E Instruction Manual SKU: FT496939. I received four packages. It is unlikely you will see a Festool tool lying on a shelf at the local home center or tool store and they don't appear to do a lot of advertising. I have been using the ATF 55E with my panel cutting table, which I covered with a sheet of ¼" hardboard. Read and understand all instructions. Another inexpensive channel accessory allows you to connect/join multiple Festool guides if you require their combined length. The guide rail accessories include an odd-shaped piece of plastic named a deflector. close. The AC cord and vacuum hose provide just enough length to travel a little more than eight feet, in other words, the full length of a sheet of plywood/melamine. $790.00 $455.00. Wow, thanks Christian for your comments. I would like to see their rip-guide included with the saw. Auto starts when a connected power tool is powered on. Thanks again to Festool for the opportunity to use these tools in our shop. You must remove the riving knife/splitter to perform pocket/plunge cuts. I seem to remember reading something about the riving knife, the splinter guards and the dust collection port. Obviously, you can use any circular saw to make pocket or plunge cuts, but you won't find a saw that offers the control and safety of the ATF 55E to make this type of cut. I have owned an ATF 55 EB/1 with table system since new. We use shop-made guide rails with our DeWALT and PC saws. Depth Adjustment and Stop The motor is protected for both overheating and overloading. For instance: The blade / blade carriage does not lock in the extended position. However, out of the box, the ATF 55E and its supplied 55" guide rail (and available 106" guide rail) work perfectly in our shop. I'm not lost, I'm just taking the scenic route. In case you're not familiar with Festool tools, you're not alone. Festool ATF 55 E Manuals & User Guides. A distributor began selling Festool … In mid or late summer, a guy sold a near-new ATF 55 for $450! Systainer Case Using an efficient dust extractor with a sander significantly extends the life of sandpaper. The blade is completely enclosed until you begin a cutting operation. Most of the controls are bright green, which contrasts nicely to the saw's black plastic housing. If you figure in the premium top-notch blade (I paid $60.00 for my 7-1/4" Forrest WWII), the guide rail (a non-integrated guide runs about $60), its performance, pleasure of use and a three year warranty (an indication of the tool's reliability), the price does not seem out of line. Accepts the Fein, Shopsmith, Mr. Nozzle, and other 2-1/2" hoses. I am taking a look at the Festool system and have a few questions: First, the saw comes with a 55″ guide rail but obviously it is not long enough […] I am taking a look at the Festool system and have a few questions: First, the saw comes with a 55″ guide rail but obviously it is not long enough […] Fine Woodworking. It arrived without a scratch. The quality and accuracy of cut I get with the ATF 55E and its guide rails, in conjunction with our panel cutting table, does away with any further though we've had about purchasing a panel saw. Its hose was shipped inside the extractor. Festool 489798 Atf 55 Eb Plunge Cut Circular Saw Spare Parts 489798 . In conjunction with the Festool guide rail, it will cut a straight, accurate, clean line. I have the opportunity to buy an ATF 55 and can't find the differences between it and the newer TS 55 EQ. It is obvious that the Festool designers looked carefully at the needs of the small shop / job site carpenter/cabinetmaker, and produced a system that would be easy to use, reliable, accurate, and so forth. The dust collection capability of the ATF 55E, when mated to the Festool CT22E (or our Fein Turbo II), is excellent. Festool FES-496187 SELFCLEAN Filter Bag For CT 26, Quantity 5. Here is a list of what I like about the Festool guide rails: In several weeks of use I have not found a single thing I don't like about the guide rails, nor anything I would change. Consequently, you can use the guide rail without clamping it to the work surface. And it is head and shoulders above our primary saws in regards to details such as depth adjustment (accuracy and ease), blade changing, noise levels, and so forth. £1.66 £ 1.99: ADD. The longer of the two rails was packaged in a wood-framed, hardboard covered container. Festool Thinks of Everything Festool and I would rather see a craftsman using a competitor's dust extractor than no dust extractor at all. (See remarks from Festool USA CEO Christian Oltzscher below.). Stay up to date with New Festool products and accessories. Our crosscut guide rail is also quite large and awkward. Sure they're great for transporting tools to a job site, but in the shop they basically collect dust. 0151 207 1400. A decent panel saw with less versatility, precision, and splinter control will run several times the price of the ATF 55E. Well, the saw, guide rail, and systainer runs about $375.00. Your use of any material contained on this website is entirely at your own risk. Since I finally have the OF 1400, I'd rather get one with the holes in it, if that's possible, but our local Festool dealer knows nothing of this option. It has normal wear and tear from use. Monday - Saturday 8.30am - 5.00pm . The saw is equipped with a depth stop (required for the saw's plunge action design) that you set to your desired depth of cut. I did find that for best results you should set the dust extractor directly behind the guide rail. zu Festool ATF 55, TS 55, AP 55. Festool ATF 55E Related Products . für TS 55, TSC 55, ATF 55, AP 55. 0 items • £0.00. Base (Sole Plate-Shoe) And even then, with my panel cutting table, the blade is not exposed. The circular saws I use in the shop are not designed specifically for cabinetmaking and finish carpentry. Re: For you Festool ATF 55E owners Hey Rick: Text not printing Re: Hey Rick: Text not printing I hope Festool give you something for your effort! Double-boxing was not necessary since the saw and the saw accessories were shipped in their own Festool "systainers".

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